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Incredibe huge Auriculatus shark tooth Otodus Sokolovi shark fossil mega Morocco

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JPeters (23 )


5000 Wheat Cents--Teens, 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's!

This is a BUY IT NOW sale for 5000 Wheat Cents.  I did NOT search this lot coin by coin.  But I did pull out 100 coins to get a sample of what might be in there.  Here...

JoseGoodwin (6 )


How to Bid and WIN on eBay! (2300 word booklet)

If you spend time on eBay at all, you know how frustrating bidding can be.  How many times have you felt like you were about to win an auction, and someone outbids you...

JoseGoodwin (6 )


Marvel Comics X-Men Legends Reprint #10, 1992!

Marvel Comics X-Men Legends Reprint #10, 1992!Please check the pictures and decide for your self what you believe the comic grade to be. Please ask any questions you may...

JPeters (23 )


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