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How to import listings

If you are a ebay seller, you are welcomed to use our ebay import tool to import all your items in to your BOC Auction account. 

Step 1: Login to your account

Step 2: click on Selling 

Step 3: click on Seller Tools

Step 4: click  on Ebay Import 

Step 5:  copy and paste in your ebay username to import

Step 6:  select either Upload as  Draft or Live.  

  • (Draft = you able to edit it before all items go to live on your BOC Auction account)
  • (Live = all your ebay listings will immediate go live on your BOC Auction account) 
  • NOTE: we suggest you to select DRAFT, because sometime the system do not auto fill all your ebay settings, especially on the category, duration & postage part. You need to key in postage manually. IF your items without postage, it cannot be purchased by buyer on BOC Auction. Please watch video below and you also need to know How to set to sell worldwide

VERY IMPORTANT:  Very first thing you need to do before importing your ebay listings to your Bocauction seller account

Watch this How to Import your ebay listings

WHY my Ebay listings REMOVED after few hours?

1. If your ebay listings were removed from our system automatically, this is because you select the wrong button during the import process. 

2. To avoid this, you should select to Import Type "New items only, without duplicates"

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