How to sell higher price

WHY others items Sold higher than my items? 

There are some important points that you need to know in world of auction. World of auction is a world of luxury and buyers willing to pay more to get something valuable where they cant get from market out there. As we all know, Items in auction always sold with surprising and unbelievable price compare with item in the market out there.  

"Same item that sell $1 out there in market but sold $1000 in auction!" This is why many get rich by involving their business in world of auction!  SELL WITH BOC AUCTION NOW

  1. If your item original? authenticity? rare? unique? special? history? proven of background? Provenance record and data? Where you get it from? Who was the previous collector? If the item has it own data/document to proof/link to previous collector?...etc
  2. If you list the item from any previous gallery or auction house? If the item come with official purchase receipt and proof of previous auction/gallery price sold record? 
  3. Provide as much data as possible on the item you are interested to sell. Get ready with full data and documents of the item. You must be someone that very in to the item you are selling. 
  4. Tell bidders on why the item will cost more than market price.. and why bidder should bid and pay more than market price? What is the different or special between your item and the item in market?  
  5. Make sure you are very knowledgeable and know what you are selling. 
  6. Answer all questions from buyers/bidders. Usually a serious buyer/bidder will always wanted to know more and ask more on the item before bid on it. 
  7. Beside all the above, bidders will be more interested to bid on item that get more bidders to bids on! As more the bids, as higher the price!  
  8. Lower your item Starting price, Free shipping, Money back guarantee, No price reserve.....etc all these will rise your opportunity to sell in auction! 
  9. Your profile feedback! This is a very important thing that will secure bidders to bid and buy from you. We always suggest new sellers to list something in low price and slowly rise up your reputation and getting more experience in how to sell in auction. 

Get your collectible items sell now and start your auction business with us! START TO SELL NOW

Know more about our previous SOLD items. Please note, some items data were deleted by our system due to a limited time frame storage for all past auction result and some items were remove due to requested by buyer/winner.  click to Visit this link to view more on our past auction result


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